Quick FAQ's 

  • 2nd largest desert city after Cairo, Egypt

  • Population – Approximately 10 million

  • Capital city of Peru

  • Gastronomic capital of Latin America

How To Get To Lima 

From the airport

  • Take a private taxi from the airport terminal $20 - $30 USD or S/.50 – S/.80 soles

  • Take an airport bus such as Airport Express Lima from $8 USD per person or Quick Llama from $5 USD per person.

  • Take a public bus, from outside the airport gates. This option is only recommended for travelers who have visited Lima before or for day time arrivals. The area outside of the airport can be unsafe at any time of the day.


From a bus terminal

  1. Since Lima does not have a centralized bus terminal, you can take a private taxi from any bus terminal, fares will vary depending on location.

  2. Take a public bus, from outside the bus terminal. This option is only recommended for travelers who have visited Lima before or for day time arrivals. Many bus terminals are located outside of touristic areas and caution should be taken when stepping outside the terminal.

Must See & Places Of Interest 

  • Plaza de Armas of Lima – Lima´s central square

  • Plaza San Martin – An early 20th century city square dedicated to the Liberator Jose de San Martin.

  • Larcomar – A shopping mall with many local and foreign boutique shops

  • Costa Verde – A coastal highway and bike lane, linking the Miraflores and Barranco districts.

  • Real Felipe Fort – A colonial era fortress built to defend Lima´s port and protect from pirate attacks.

  • Huaca Pucllana – A pre-incan clay and adobe pyramid, located in the middle of cosmopolitan Miraflores district.

  • San Francisco Church – Contains Lima´s only known catacombs with an estimated 20,000 people having been laid to rest there.

  • Lima Cathedral – Lima´s first cathedral, dating back to 1535, housing a museum of religious art.

  • Santo Domingo Church – A Dominican church dating back to 1766. The relicts of Lima´s patron saint are located here.

  • Gamarra – A black market clothing emporium. Recommended for travelers who have visited Lima before or who are travelling in groups. Exercise caution in this area, as pick pocketing is common.

Art & Culture  

  • MALI – Art Museum of Lima

  • MATE –Mario Testino Museum, a world-renowned Peruvian photographer.

  • Mueso Larco – A privately owned museum housing over 5000 years of pre-colombian and colonial artifacts, textiles and paintings.

  • National Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology and History – A museum housing over 100,000 artifacts spanning the entire history of human occupation in Peru.

  • Monumental Callao – An artistic area of Callao district that offers access to galleries, local music, street food and events.

Souvenirs & Shopping

  • Dedalo – Craft store selling contemporary Peruvian crafts.

  • Las Pallas – A small folk art store, with a large collection of indigenous arts & crafts

  • Artesanos Don Bosco – A local furniture workshop, that trains young artisans, typically from marginalized Andean communities.

  • La Feria de Barranco – A recurring arts & craft fair, that showcases Lima’s up and coming artists, typically offers live music and street food on the weekends.

Food Markets

  • Mercado de Surquillo #1 – A market located just 5 blocks from Miraflores central park. On Friday afternoons and Saturday & Sunday mornings, the market hosts a series of organic vendors from all corners of Peru.

  • Mercado de Surquillo #2 - A market located 15 blocks from Miraflores central park. You can find a variety of street stalls after 6pm.

  • Mercado Central – A 2 story market located in Lima’s historic center, a few blocks from Chinatown.